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Upcoming Events

Help us introduce the people
of Seattle to Jesus.

The Journey Seattle

More people.
Less receptive to good news.

Seattle is filled with culture, beauty, and success. Specifically, Wallingford and surrounding neighborhoods are blossoming with high percentages of young, racially diverse, highly-educated professionals. 

And after seeing nearly 34% growth since 2000 (compared to 17.6% nationally), the area will grow another 7% between now and 2026.

But fewer people than ever are receptive to the gospel (13% beneath the national average). It’s hard ground, where too many people have dismissed the idea of church altogether.

That’s why we’ve decided to answer God’s call to invite the people of Seattle on The Journey with Jesus.

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The Journey Seattle

people into
a new story.

Many people in the area where God has called us have found some career success. They’ve proved their independence and self-sufficiency, and found a place to express themselves.

But we’ve found many are still asking, “Is there more to my story than this? Shouldn’t there be a little more excitement, a little more passion … a little more?”

We understand that story. We’re people who fought for our lives only to find meaning and purpose in Jesus.

The Journey Seattle

Invite the people of Seattle
to take the road less traveled
and live the adventure of a lifetime.

The Journey Church is people who find belonging while learning from Jesus, growing together, and healing our city.

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About Our Pastors

The Journey Seattle

Jeremy and Katerina Petty:

Simplicity, Community, and Mission

Jeremy and Katerina will do whatever it takes to introduce people to Jesus.

Katerina’s background is as a missionary and nurse. Jeremy served as a bi-vocational pastor while working as an entrepreneur, then a civil servant. The couple met while earning their master’s in theology at The King’s University.

The Journey Seattle
Prepared To Launch

Sent out from Sun City Church in Spokane, Wash., they’ve gone all-in on God’s call to Seattle. There, they envision a place where people connect in community to learn from Jesus and embrace their purpose. Then, they believe in sending people out to impact their part of the world.

Along with a committed launch team and their son Asher, they’re preparing to launch The Journey Church in 2022.

The Journey Seattle

Where are we going?

Fast-forward to graduating from The King’s University, and we felt unsettled… like major change was on the horizon. As we began pressing in and seeking the reason for why we felt that way, the Lord spoke clearly to me saying that we were to “plant that church”. In shock, I asked Him “Where?” God responded with “Seattle”. This same location was later confirmed to Jeremy as well.

Why Seattle?

God loves the people of Seattle, and He wants them to know that! 

Our vision is to create a church made up of a melting pot of people from all walks of life, races, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. A community of people who live and worship from the purity of their overwhelming love for God. We want to create a community of believers who are no longer divided and weighed down by the things the world deems important, or hindered by the mistakes and brokenness of their pasts. Our greatest desire is for people to know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference. We believe the positive cycle created by these principles produce a pure, free, and powerful life. 

The gospel is not about trying to wedge a little Jesus into our crazy lives. The gospel is about letting God bring redemption and the way of His crazy kingdom into our frantically dysfunctional patterns of living. Our vision is not to conform to the world to win the world, our vision is to appropriately represent the kingdom of God so the world can witness something they have never experienced. For us, it is simple, God is alive, He loves people, and for those who don’t know Him, we would love the honor of being part of that story and making that introduction. 

Our strategy is to follow the clear call God has given, to follow His voice wherever it leads. We plan to use the wisdom of those who have gone before, combined with best practices, to create a life-giving church, a seed of revival, in the heart of Seattle. 

That is why our family quit our jobs, sold our home, moved from Texas to Washington, and are pursuing this God-given dream. 

That being said, we would love for you to be involved: by praying, giving, or going. Your partnership is absolutely vital to the success of this mission & vision. There is no way we can do it without YOU!

The Journey Seattle

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